«WAWE» application users' personal data.

1.1. A user downloading an Application and being registered shall confirm that he is a capable person having reached age of 14 years.
1.2. Registration is a permission (consent) of a registered person (User) of the WAWE INDUSTRIES LLC (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) being the owner of the Application to collect, keep, process and otherwise use his personal data during 5 (five) years from the moment of registration.
1.3. Personal data privacy shall be ensured according to the actual Russian Federation legislation including Federal Law No. FZ-152 “On Personal Data.”
1.4. Personal data of Users including those who are not the Russian Federation citizens shall be transferred, kept and used on the territory of the Russian Federation where the Company’s servers are located. Personal data privacy shall be ensured according to the Russian Federation legislation (see item 1.3).
1.5. The Company shall have the right to collect process and keep any information that the Users leave in the Application as well as transfer to the Company by any other way. Such information shall include, but not limited to, personal data (see item 1.6), IP address, data on the User’s mobile device and other forms of downloading information into the Application.
1.6. For the purposes of the present Privacy Policy the following shall pertain to the User’s personal data: any information allowing to identify him not only as the User of the Application (login, access password for the Application, etc.) but as a really existing natural person, including, but not limited to, name, surname, patronymic, data of birth, place of residence, nationality, e-mail address, photograph and other information having been downloaded by the User as personal data.
1.7. The Company shall have the right to check belonging to the User and specified by him at registration personal data by any legal manner.
1.8. In the event that the Company has the grounds to believe that personal data of the User are stated wrongly or mistakenly the Company shall have the right to suggest the User to clarify (correct) personal data and/or to block Account of the User till the moment when he will communicate correct personal data. In separate cases the Company shall have the right to require documents identifying the User.
1.9. The User shall have the right to delete his Account having communicated with the Company by e-mail address given below. At that the User understands and agrees that he can not further use individual Services of the Application by deleted Account. The Use shall have the possibility to create a new Account after elimination of the previous Account. The Company reserves the right to keep information related to the Account of the User (including the deleted one) in its database.
1.10. The purpose of the personal data processing is identification of the User at using services provided by the Company.

2.1. At the first opening of the Application, the User goes through an obligatory procedure of Registration and at that a User Account is created automatically. Then after filling in a form the User is proposed to create his profile specifying additional information including his name, place of residence, photograph, etc. The User is in a position to edit his profile.
2.2. This profile shall be visible for all the Users of the Application. At that, real data on the user and e-mail address are not disclosed.

3.1. The Company shall ensure that personal data of the registered User will not be used in a manner prohibited by law including with obvious intent to harm the User.
3.2. The Company shall undertake not to transfer personal data of the User to any third persons without legitimate grounds.
3.3. The Company shall not be responsible for the loss of data through actions of the third persons including hosting-provider of the Company, software mistakes, communication channels unreliability as well as illegal acts of hackers and other malefactors. In the event of disclosure of the user data loss the Company shall undertake to inform the user within 24 hours from the moment of the loss determining and to make all efforts for minimizing negative consequences for the User and for identification of those responsible.

4.1. The User shall undertake to ensure privacy of his Login and access password for the Forum in the Application.
4.2. The User shall also undertake to limit access of the third persons to the devices on which the Application registered at the User Account is installed.
4.3. In case of improper ensuring by the User of items 4.1. and 4.2., responsibility for the illegal actions committed with the use of the User Account bears the User.

5.1. At all the questions connected with ensuring personal data privacy the User can apply to the Company having fill in the form at the web page at the address:
5.2. For fulfillment of the present Privacy Policy terms, the User shall undertake to promptly answer the Company’s requirements by his e-mail which has been given by the user at Registration or at filling in the form at the web page at the address:

6.1. The present Privacy Policy is an obligatory document and is in effect jointly with the User Agreement and Terms of Use.
6.2. When the User registers he confirms his acceptance of all the documents mentioned in item 6.1.
6.3. Invalidity of individual rules of the present Privacy Policy if that will be admitted by the court judgment or by other authorized state body does not mean its invalidity as a whole.